Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Note of Help For Nikki..

Nikki is an amazing college student who will try to help every day of every year all over the world.....one child at a time..

Hi there,

I am excited to announce that $265 has been raised for the Education Fund- http://dreducationfund.blogspot.com/ through Blogs for a Cause's efforts. In a large part because of this, and because of generous BFAC customers, the three kids are now in private school!!! They are all loving it. They have their new uniforms, books, and are going to class every morning with great excitement. They are noticing all the differences between their old school and their new school, and even more than ever they are motivated to study. Check out the blog for pics of their uniforms and books!
I am emailing you because there is a bit of a funding gap and I need support. $630 is still owed for Yoandi's tuition for this year. His 12th birthday is coming up, and I know how special it would be for him to have hitution paid for by then.
Know that 100% of your funds are going to a great cause. These kids were working on the streets in the past and have missed many years of school, and thus are far behind. I am committed to making sure this program catches them up, and I am committed to encouraging them with their studies, so that they don't become another statistic.
Please help... I cannot do this alone. If you go to the blog, http://dreducationfund.blogspot.com/ you will see Chip Ins for the kids' tuition; Yoandi's for this year and all of them for next year. I was able to pay of all of Andrielis and Andy's tuition, and all the kids' uniforms and books through individual donations, some as small as $5. This adds up to create huge change. I encourage you to take part in this.

Another way you can help is by getting a blog design. $5 of every blog design at www.madebynikki.blogspot.com goes to the Education Fund. The rest goes to my upcoming India trip, where I will work with abandoned children with special needs. I have a post up on the Education Fund blog with full details about this. If you yourself do not need a blog design, please share this post on your blog or facebook to help me spread the word. I have had very few design orders lately, and so need to make a push for new customers to get this tuition paid for. Below is the post about BFAC. Please consider re-posting on your blog!


Thank you for any support you can offer. In return I promise many updates so you can directly where your funds have gone.

In other BFAC news, check out the fairly recent re-design featuring the rotating header! We are also close to hitting the $4000 raised for charities mark. 25 more blog designs and we will be there!

Thank you!


Blogs For A Cause- www.madebynikki.blogspot.com
Visit my blog at http://www.onetinystarfish.blogspot.com

Want to make a difference in the world? Check out Andrielis' Education Fund and send a beautiful Dominican girl to private school, so she can become a nurse in a few years. Andrielis and I both thank you for any contribution you can make! http://andrielis.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Matteya's First Book...

Matteya read her first book... Sam , from the Bob Book Collection.. one of the best gift's Gabi received years ago from her good friend Izzy... its a great " hand- me- down"...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First School Function ...Our Buddies...

Having hours of  fun with new friends and old friends at our first school function...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arizona Science Center...

Today we spent the day at the Science Center.. it was a fun  and learn day...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day Of School....2011...

Yea...Smiles and anxious to go.....