Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me and Gabi...

Mom and Me
Best friends forever mom and me , picking flowers and climbing trees, a shoulder to cry on secrets to share...........Warm hearts and hands that really care.
- Author Unknown.

Monday, June 22, 2009

......UP....bring tissues

On Saturday i took Gabriela, Anabella, Matteya and Neyvada to see the movie "UP". This was Matteya's first movie and i think 3 yrs. old is a little young to sit through a movie at the theaters, but i decided to try it ( she did great) and do something different on this Saturday afternoon.....well i thought i was going to a cute kids movie that was just full of popcorn and fun......It was a very cute, fun , an AMAZING movie and the animation was incredible.. but it was so much more.. this was a movie with true meaning and life lessons......with out giving the story away because i would recommend that everyone of all ages go see this movie.... This movie is about what is important in life and about the people in your surrounded by and how important they are and how you treat them . This movie is about finding your "true love" .. the one you grow old with and makes you the happiest , the one that will be there standing by your side for your life through good and bad times.. it is about how life is short and no one is promised tomorrow.... it is about how life moves quickly and while our life is moving quickly day by day.. the promises and dreams we make for ourselves and each other are sometimes put on hold due to everyday life issues that just happen.. it is about crying happy and sad tears till that very last hug, but forever keeping that "promise of love" in your heart...................again, it is an amazing movie worth going to see.... it will make you stop and look at where your heart is..............

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day......

Wish you were here to share Fathers Day...We love and miss you grandpa....
Fathers Day at the fun resort..

"It doesn't matter who my father was; matters who I remember he was."~~By Anne Sexton (1928-1974) U.S. poet.~~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Explore. Dream . Discover.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do.... than by the ones you did do.... So throw off the bowlines... Sail away from the safe harbor.... Catch the trade winds in your sails..... Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ Mark Twain

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Appreciate how different a familiar place can seem.... That is exactly what i am doing now. This was my first trip back to Buffalo in 4 years. I treasured every second of every experience with every person from my family , to my friends, my best of friends, friends i have not seen in 24 years, the new friends i made this trip, from my step daughter who has had ill feelings towards me for 24 years (congrats to you and Rob) and the ones i was blessed to see after all these years, that i crossed paths with so long ago ,but unfortunately made wrong choices in my life.... I will cherish those moments and those ever lasting hugs when it was time to say goodbye..... What an AWESOME trip it was!! First i have to say I have the BEST family (thanks dad and mom for chauvering me around so i did not drink and drive and for all the baby sitting every night) I have the GREATEST friends!! I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sue, Jackie, and Beth for being there for me and for the love and support you gave me Saturday night. (the univited night:o)) I can not thank you enough.. It was a super fun night with so many laughs, SERIOUSLY you guys are the BEST!! . I want to thank my family and friends that were at the wedding for coming out and sharing a drink with me and mostly for sharing your support and VERY kind words, they will not be forgotten.
I did so much while in Buffalo. We arrived on a Wed. night. Thursday i took the girls around to visit family and friends. Thursday night Sue (my very best of friends through smiles and tears for 28 + years ) had a chance to go out by ourselves and get caught up .. it was so nice to just get out of "mommy mode" for a few hours and just be "me". Sue it was a much needed break, it was an awesome casino night out with you .. thanks so much!!. Over the weekend and the rest of the week I took the girls to visit family and friends, swimming at the marriott, Hershal Carousel Factory where the first one was made, Fantasy Island in Grand Island, the park, the Buffalo Zoo, roller skating at Rainbow Roller rink where i went roller skating as a child. We went to Canada to view the Falls and play at Clifton Hills. We went to Niagara River and they got to feed seaguls Old Man River french fries, i think one of the seaguls got a half eaten hot dog... The Buffalo junk food is always super yummy.. pizza from Pizza Juntion, wings , chicken fingers, Grilled Bologna Steak sandwiches from Old Man Rivers, Beef on wick from Andersons, Teds hot dogs, Platters orange chocolate and a new discovery orange chocolate custard, there is no better custard......I worked out every day at the marriot health club , so i only gained 2 pounds this all that eating was good..:o) Gabi , Bella, Teya and Neyvada stayed at Grandma (Ga) and Grandpa's (Papa) every night. Papa took them fishing in the back yard, i know they will treasure those moments. They got to spend time with cousin Mark, kim and their new second cousin Logan who live with Ga and Papa. They were also able to meet alot of other cousins.. They also had a great trip!! The nights i was able to go out with friends and share a few laughs and drinks. I only drink Campari and club soda (mostly club soda) , it is an aperitif with little alcohol. so i was always in good shape the next morning:o) so that is a summary of my trip to Buffalo. A fantastic 10 days.. The only disappointing thing that happened was at the Buffalo Airport when i was going through my pictures on my camera and deleted pictures from Sunday on... good thing i had the earlier ones developed and put on a disc. So the pics of the falls and my last nights are lost.... but I will have the memories... (my blog is not letting me post more than 1 or 2 pics:o(( , so more pics will be posted later)

Monday, June 8, 2009

more Buffalo pics...

cool gabi and cousin norman
super cute Matteya and sweet Mrs. was great meeting you... thanks for being so nice....

me , mom and girls

crazy Mary.. you are a riot

my great dad..

super fun bobby and sue....we had a great time with you thurs. night too...

ran into norm the d.j. as he was leaving...

sue and jackie, your the best..after the wedding just for a picture..

beth and jackie.. you are too funny

me and my awesome friends

girls with uncle joe and aunt joanne and cousins krissy and steve..

Bella and teya..

More Buffalo...

Niagara River fun
grandma and teya

niagara river...tonanwanda

aunt sue and girls

Neyvada having buffalo pizza

niagara river

cousin Aaron and gabi , bella , teya

gabi and grandpa